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Web Site Promotion – Top 7 Proven Link & Traffic Building Strategies

Depressed about your endless web site promotion and search engine marketing? Below are proven, extremely effective and easy to implement link and traffic building strategies.

Website promotion also known as link building is the process of acquiring and attracting web sites to link to yours. Link building is a continuing process. It is the lifeline that will provide higher search engine ranking, top search engine placement (SERP) and certainly a stronger Page Rank. But from my opinion which many often do not highlight, is the traffic building factor that can be garnered through a successful web site promotion campaign.

There are many methods and strategies suggested by many but not all are applicable, easy to implement or sometimes totally ineffective. Without further ado, below are top proven link building technique that should always be a part of a web site promotion package.

Web Site Promotion #1 – Article Marketing

Writing an article and submitting to top article directories is an ideal way to help link popularity, boost creditability and drive targeted traffic back to your website. Not only will you secure incoming links from the reports directories, but you will also obtain back links from other relevant web sites. This is my favorite web site promotion technique, which I am doing it now.

Web Site Promotion #2 – Directory Submission

Secondly, an excellent way to get back links is by adding your site to web directories. Web directories not only add your site as a one-way link but also categorize your site using search engine-specific keywords so your site gets higher visibility. Adding your site to a high-quality web directory will ensure that your site receives the benefit of the directory’s Page Rank.

Web Site Promotion #3 – Press Release

Press release is a must in any web site promotion. Not only it will improve your link popularity, but having your article distributed across news agency and networks like Google News, Yahoo News and many others is a surefire method to quickly gain web site credibility and authority exposure for the product or service you are providing. It has been known that search engines also put more weight on links coming from news network sites.

Web Site Promotion #4 – Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking has hit the Internet marketing world with a BIG bang. It is a cumulative sharing of sites from people around the world to sites which is considered useful or hot picks. Getting your site posted in such book marking sites will supply massive targeted traffic and strong inbound links. This method allows you to have deep links to your web pages.

Web Site Promotion #5 – Forum Marketing

Another proven web site promotion technique is forum marketing, which will also help with adding creditability, inbound links and traffic. Assuming you post quality and positive content while always embedding a link to your web site in your signature, readers will see you as an authority and will want to visit your site for more information.

Web Site Promotion #6 – Blog Comments

Find popular blog sites in your relevant market and contribute to their content by submitting significant and useful comments. Always include your web site URL when commenting. The better quality comment you make the more traffic you will buildup. If allowed, you may also leave a track back to your site. This is also an easy web site promotion technique to implement.

Web Site Promotion #7 – Professional Web Site Review

Another method that can send you some good inbound link and traffic is professional review sites. These are high Page Rank sites that will review your web site and rank it accordingly. During the reviewing process, massive traffic will be send to yours and if your site is listed, you can be assured of a quality inbound link. Although seldom being suggested, I would strong recommend this web site promotion strategy.

Starting the Journey – Becoming a Navigator – Choosing a Home-Based Business

So you are thinking about starting a home-based business? Great! Then the next thought is: “What will I do?”. There are so many different ways to make some extra income from home that choosing the right one does take a little bit of thought. First, take out a piece of plain paper and write at the top: “Home-based Business” then you are going to write the words: “part-time” or “full-time”. Now we all know that some of us are more interested in just working a few hours from home and not leaving our j-o-b’s and while some of us are wanting to work at replacing our full-time incomes with the Home-based business. Either way each one takes some effort on our parts. In choosing a home-based business consider the following:1. Timing – What goods or services that sell 365 days a year?
2. What goods or services have people been talking about?
3. Do these companies have men and women in their organizations that are leaders and can help mentor you?Now, you want to always remember about your strengths.One of the best reasons for starting a home-based business is because of your strengths. However you must look at what others have accomplished. Unfortunately we do not place a high value on CD’s or Tapes or MP3 recordings of others personal testimonies. When we should take a few minutes out of our busy lives and listen… really listen to their words. One thing is for sure: “Facts Tell and Stories Sell”. Those people who take the time and expense are serious about their leadership abilities and have both the faith and the facts to help lead you all the way.Your success will be a direct result in who you choose to follow their directions of those who help mentor you–not you being solely at the helm.

Tips on Choosing a Home Based Business Franchise

Times are tough, and we can all use some extra cash. Maybe you’re thinking about starting a home based business because you’ve been laid off, or your boss is cutting costs by not giving out raises. Maybe you want to work from your own home and spend more time with your children. Perhaps it’s all those things, along with the dream of financial independence. The thought of setting your own hours and working in your pyjamas is certainly an appealing one. But there’s a lot to consider before you dive into an internet based business. Making an informed decision about which one you pick can go a long way with insuring success.First things first – what kind of franchise should you pick? There are several different types, from offering a service, selling a product, doing consulting and many in between. If setting your own hours and having the freedom to work from home is important to you, you’re going to want an internet based business. It really gives you more control over things than other types of franchises. A non-internet based business may involve things like setting up a storefront, renting space and hiring employees to work for you. Those things will drive start-up costs up, and that’s the last thing you want. A home based business franchise, run online, cuts all that out and allows you to hit the ground running. So you’ll concentrate on what’s most important – making yourself successful!Keep these tips in mind when investigation franchise opportunities:1.You want a franchise that offers training, along with support. Will they answer your questions after they have your money?2. Look at everything you’re getting when you buy in. Does the franchise simply offer advice and information on running the business, or do you get actual products to sell?3. Have other people succeeded with the franchise before?4. Do you learn the ins and outs of running your business from professionals? People who’ve already succeeded with their own franchises?There are a lot of franchises out there for people looking to start an internet based business. Carbon Copy Pro offers quit a bit to help you get off the ground. They’ve got books and DVDs explaining the process of personalizing their system to fit your needs. That includes things like getting a plan of action together, mastering the essentials of marketing and keeping motivated while you grow your home based business franchise. Membership of their community also gets you support from coaches who’ve already done what you’re starting out to do, so they know what they’re talking about. All in all Carbon Copy Pro is a pretty good system.However, in order to maximise your potential to succeed, I feel that YourNetBiz is the preferred option. They’re really the ultimate home based business franchise. Starting an online business with their tools will go a long way in insuring you’re successful. They have several options to suit every entrepreneur’s situation. Packages start at under $500. But if you’re serious about a home based business, the platinum package is the best option. Now, at around $3000 you may think it’s a little on the pricey side. But trust me, it’s not. What you’re getting is worth over $45,000. I’m talking about everything you need to start a REAL business. This package provides top class training in everything from marketing and selling, to how millionaires think. You’re getting an education in business from people who’ve already achieved great success, so they’ll keep you from wasting time and ensure you do the crucial tasks to ensure success. This is an education in business that would cost way more and take years to learn in college. But what you’ll learn is just the start. You’re also getting products to sell…and not just a few… Your Net Biz allows access to a huge library of audio, video and e-books, with resale rights FOR LIFE!So, with Your Net Biz you get a tried and true system that meets the five criteria listed above.There is a lot of stuff out there on starting an online business, so you might feel overwhelmed when you start looking into them. Some are good, others fail to deliver. Even if you never took YourNetBiz and exploited its business potential, the education on internet marketing and online business is worth the investment alone.